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Disco Daddy Zoom Parties 


Pick a date...invite your friends with their unique code, and have an online interactive party. The usual Disco Daddy madness. Games, dancing, and of course a very special Happy Birthday to the Birthday child (Only £60 for 30 mins, £120 for an hour party). Message me to book your slot or for more info. Check out the photos, videos and feedback on the Disco Daddy Facebook Page.

You can invite up to 100 guests via the invite link I send per party slot...and we have the best party we can in this situation.

It’s time to turn your living room (or wherever you are) into a dance floor. Clear some room, decorate if you like...and feel free to dress up. But most importantly...I want you to join in and dance your little socks off as if you were at a ‘real’ party...because I can see you and you want the chance to win a prize yeah?

During the party please mute yourselves otherwise other people’s voices will mean I won’t be heard as it will be noise messy and you won’t hear the music. Technology eh?

Anyway. Don’t worry about your sound (just like my real parties) because I can see people I can interact as best I can...and do as much as the normal party format I can. Dances, activity songs, musical bumps, statues etc...and oh....crank up the volume to get a proper party experience :-)

And remember during Happy Birthday that’s when you can unmute yourself as we sing a massive Happy Birthday.

And don’t forget, they are different views such as gallery view (you may have to press the + symbol...depends what device you are on) so you can see everyone at the party.

This is all still very new technology for a lot of people so maybe worth having a play with zoom first if you’ve not used it before as some people need to get the best audio out of their devices they can.

Now let’s have the best party we can have without having a ‘real-life’ party...and that’s what we will do.

If you are still umming and ahhing about having a Disco Daddy Zoom Party because you’re not sure if they are any good...stop worrying. They are pretty awesome...

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