Disco Daddy Zoom Parties 


Pick a date...invite your friends with their unique code, and have an online interactive party. The usual Disco Daddy madness. Games (With new online quiz section for the 60 min parties) , dancing, and of course a very special Happy Birthday to the Birthday child. Only £50 for 30 mins / £100 for an hour party. Message me to book your slot or for more info. 

You can invite up to 100 guests via the invite link I send...and we have the best party we can in this situation.

Don’t worry about your sound (just like my real parties) because I can see people I can interact as best I can...and do as much as my normal party format I can. Dances, activity songs, musical bumps , statues etc...and oh....crank up the volume to get a proper party experience :-)


And remember during Happy Birthday that’s when you can umute yourself as we sing a massive Happy Birthday.